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How To Tell What Patents Are Worth

posted Jun 25, 2013, 12:27 PM by Joe Hadzima
In a recent post on Forbes.com  entitled How To Tell What Patents Are Worth I talk about how to think about the value of patents.  Here are a few points - see the Forbes.com article for context and further discussion.

Evaluating an individual patent boils down to three steps. First, determine the quality of the underlying invention outlined in the patent. Second, evaluate whether the patent is well constructed. Third, figure out how to extract value from the patent.

Ultimately, individual patents are like bricks and a portfolio is like a collection of bricks. Are the bricks heaped in a pile on the ground, or have they been assembled into a strong and attractive building? Figuring this out is not the lawyer’s job. It’s management that has to decide how to create, protect, and grow value for shareholders.